It took a while but the site is back up and running. Things are going to be a little different around here now, though. We decided to go with a much simpler design and we’re going to be posting more than just the webcomic here. Here’s the breakdown of what to expect from from here on.

ep101 vs3


All news and updates for Monty and The Mongoose’s little show will be posted here and you can see upcoming episodes, contests, and listen to the most recent episodes here. 

Starting in March We’ll be relaunching Monty & Doug Raymond’s Welcome to Border City, starting with issue #0. There will also be print versions of the comic available here at the end of March. Once all of the old pages are posted there are new pages right behind them. 

In April Flying Zombies is relaunching starting with the first story. With new stuff to follow.

Also ElDamon and Fish will be posting their Wrestling Minute and A Fist Full of Pixels blogs here. 

Let your nerd hang out.